Marketing Specialist


  • B.S. Agricultural Business (Agricultural Economics & Farm Management); University Wisconsin-River Falls, River Falls, WI
  • University Wisconsin-River Falls; graduate work leading to K-8 teaching license in WI and WV (current); WY pending, River Falls, WI
  • M.S. Agriculture, West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV
  • Certified Travel Industry Specialist (CTIS) from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Cindy Martel grew up in the mountains of New England surrounded by buckets and maple syrup. She moved to West Virginia in 1988 and began a 25+ year stint as a marketing specialist at the state department of agriculture after hanging up her marketing director hat and whitewater guide stick in 1994. She remained connected with the outdoor recreation industry during her tenure at department of agriculture working with one of the state’s largest outfitter in marketing and logistics roles.

Cindy welcomed the opportunity to join Future Generations working on marketing and regulatory components of the comprehensive agribusiness development plan for the state’s “first” and “sweetest” crop of the season. She is excited to join the maple team at Future Generations and continue to cultivate agritourism in the Mountain State.

Presentations & Publications


Program Manager

Sarah Collins-Simmons grew up in the mountains of Nelson County, Virginia, so she felt right at home when she moved to Highland in 2011 to participate as one of the founding Fellows at the Allegheny Mountain Institute. Sarah studied Architecture and Environmental Science at the University of Virginia. She earned a Masters of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia, worked in community development at The Highland Center and managed orchards and made cider with Big Fish Cider, Co. At Future Generations University, she is the Strategy and Impact Associate for the Nature-Based Enterprises team working to advance maple and walnut syrup production in Appalachia and expand the region’s forest farming.

Sarah lives in Blue Grass, Virginia, with her husband, Joshua—the county’s building and zoning official, their son Everett and a farm menagerie, including dogs and goats. Together, the family enjoys renovating houses and spending time outside gardening, hiking, and camping. Sarah also makes pottery, jewelry, and baskets.


Administrative and Finance Associate


Deena is a native of Rockingham, North Carolina. She has 20-plus years of experience working in payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable with several organizations. Deena attended Richmond Community College and Sandhills Community College in North Carolina. Deena enjoys gardening and resides in Franklin, West Virginia with her husband and their house of animals.


Executive & Development Assistant

Shannon is a graduate of James Madison University, where she majored in sociology, gaining valuable insights into social factors and how they affect organizations both locally and globally. While in college, she managed to start a successful business designing and creating accessories to sell through an online platform to a niche market. This led her to 3D design and additive manufacturing, where she gained experience building small scale 3D printers and eventually brought an additive manufacturing pop-up shop to fruition in Harrisonburg, VA.

In the summers, she keeps a large vegetable garden and spends most of her free time in her kitchen, preserving the harvest and preparing baked goods to share with friends and family. She has spent the last few years raising her two daughters, adjusting to motherhood, and living a simpler, more grounded lifestyle in beautiful Pendleton County, WV. Former member USA Junior Acrobatics Team, ranked 12th in the world.


Registrar & Student Affairs Coordinator


  • PhD ABD University of Virginia
  • MA Harvard University
  • BA Middlebury College
Chris joins the Future Generations family after a 20-year career in international educational travel, designing and operating travel programs globally. Prior to that, his academic career focused on Sino-Vietnamese relations, including the effects of globalization on the then-remote border regions of China and Vietnam.

Chris currently resides outside of Richmond, Virginia, with his wife Sherry, and sons Nate and Ben, and sweet old dog China


Roper, C. “Sino-Vietnamese Relations and the Economy of Vietnam’s Border Region.” Asian Survey, vol. 40, no. 6, 2000, pp. 1019–1041.


Design Program Manager


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Concentration in Graphic Design, Colorado State University
  • Certificate in Developmental Practice, Regis University
Bruce Holdeman founded 601 Design, Inc in 1987, an international award-winning graphic design studio providing full-service graphic design services focused primarily on magazines, books, e-pubs, logo design, brand development and illustration. He was art director for State Legislatures magazine for over 30 years, illustrating over 300 covers. Bruce is a two-time Graphis International Platinum Award recipient for logo design along with many more Gold Awards. He earned a Certificate in Development Practice from Regis University in 2017, and continues to pursue his interest in the sustainable development field.
Graphic design accolades, book inclusions and/or features:
Graphis Logo 9
  • Toolpath Design, Inc-Platinum Award
20th Colorado International Invitational Poster Exhibition
  • Minimum Wage Poster
  • State Legislatures Jobs Poster
Graphis Design Annual 2017
  • Flint & Steel Sauvignon Blanc label-Silver Award
Graphis Poster Annual 2016
  • State Legislatures National Guard-Silver Award
Graphis Typography 3
  • Steamboat Springs Arts Council 100th Anniversary Logo-Gold Award
Graphis Social & Political Protest Posters
  • Minimum Wage Poster-Gold Award
Graphis Design Annual 2015
  • State Legislatures Minimum Wage Poster-Gold Award
  • State Legislatures Jobs Poster-Gold Award
Graphis Poster Annual 2015
  • State Legislatures Minimum Wage Poster-Gold Award
Graphis Poster Annual 2014
  • Rex’s Grill & Bar cycling ad-Silver Award
Graphis 100 Best in Advertising 2012
  • Rex’s Grill & Bar cycling ad-Gold Award
Graphis 100 Best in Design 2012
  • Steamboat Springs Arts Council-Gold Award
  • Toolpath Design-Gold Award
  • Viva Las Vegas Ice Show-Gold Award
Graphic Design Solutions, Second Edition
  • Steamboat Springs Arts Council 100th Anniversary
Graphis Logo 8
  • Steamboat Springs Arts Council 100th Anniversary-Platinum Award
  • Steamboat Springs Art Council-Gold Award
  • Viva Las Vegas Ice Show-Gold Award
  • 9.81 Films-Gold Award
  • 601 Design-Silver Award
  • Ristra-Silver Award
  • Sweetwater Grill-Silver Award
  • Lonesome Saddle
  • Saddle Ridge
Graphis Logo 7
  • Home on the Range-Silver Award
  • NCSL Salt Lake City Summit Meeting-Silver Award
  • Ride the Rockies-Silver Award
  • State-Tribal Institute-Silver Award
  • 601 Design moving promotional logo-Silver Award
Graphis Design Annual 2008
  • Home on the Range
Graphis Logo 4
  • Rocky Mountain Ostrich Association-Silver Award
  • 2004 Ride the Rockies logo
  • Colorado Investment Casting
Strathmore/Graphis Traveling Showcase
  • Rocky Mountain Ostrich Association
Graphis Ephemera
  • Wedding announcement
2003 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • Ride the Rockies poster
2003 AIGA Colorado 501c Best Magazine
  • February 2003 State Legislatures magazine
2003 AIGA Colorado 501c Best Cover
  • February 2002 State Legislatures cover
2003 AIGA Colorado 501c Best Business Papers
  • NCSL Foundation for State Legislatures
2002 Art Directors Club of Denver
  • Ride the Rockies 2002 logo-Silver Award
Graphic Design Solutions
  • Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital Christmas card
2000 Silver Leaf Award
  • Donor Alliance Annual Report
1999 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • October/November State Legislatures cover
1998 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • Ride the Rockies 98 logo
1998 Graphis Design Annual
  • Tandem Cycle Works of Colorado logo
1996 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • Ride the Rockies 96 logo
1995 Print’s Best Logos and Symbols
  • Ride the Rockies 94 logo
Print’s Casebooks 9-Best in Covers and Posters
  • November/December 89 cover
  • April 90 State Legislatures cover
1995 Graphis Design Annual
  • WaveMakers International logo
1994 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • Ride the Rockies 94 logo
  • May State Legislatures cover
1994 Graphis Poster Annual
  • Self-promotional poster
Graphis Logo 2
  • Ride the Rockies 91
  • Mennonite Peacekeeper Teams
1993 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • September State Legislatures cover
1992 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • Spalding Rehabilitation Hospital Christmas card
1992 Graphis Poster Annual
  • Ride the Rockies poster
1992 Graphis Design Annual
  • State Legislatures cover illustration
1991 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • April State Legislatures cover
1990 Print’s Regional Design Annual
  • November/December State Legislatures cover


Scientist & Songs of Adaptation Global Project Coordinator


  • M.S. North Carolina State University (Environmental and Molecular Toxicology)
  • B.S. West Virginia University (Biology)
Jennifer possesses fifteen years of experience in environmental sciences, which has emphasized a focus on climate change, aquatic biology, and toxicology in a number of applications (field work, laboratory studies, data management and analysis, literature reviews, and scientific/technical writing). Jennifer will be joining the research team and is bringing her expertise to our developing climate change project: Songs of Adaptation
  • Diamond J, Munkittrick K, Kapo KE, and Flippin J. 2016 A framework for screening sites at risk from contaminants of emerging concern. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 34(12): 2671-2681.
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  • Flippin, JL. Workshop: Treatment Technologies for the Removal of Cyanotoxins. Harmful Algal Blooms Workshop for Water Treatment Plant Operators. Clackamas Community College, Clackamas OR. December 4, 2018.
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  • Flippin, J.L., Diamond, J.D. Platform: What happened to the neighborhood? Separating the effects of organics of emerging concern from other environmental stressors on aquatic biological communities. Presented at the National Water Quality Monitoring Council meeting, Portland, OR. May 2012.
  • White, J., and Flippin, J.L. Platform: A Demonstration of the WERF Trace Organic Compounds Database Management System for Analyzing Impacts of Trace Organic Compounds on Aquatic Populations and Communities. Presented at the National Water Quality Monitoring Council meeting, Portland, OR. May 2012.
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  • Flippin, J.L., K.M. Crofton, J.M. Hedge, and M.J. DeVito. Poster: Mixtures of thyroid disrupting chemicals: Testing additivity of hepatic inducers and thyroid peroxidase inhibitors. Presented at the Society of Toxicology meeting, Charlotte, NC. March 2007; Carolinas Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry meeting, Athens, GA. April 2007.
  • Flippin, J.L. and C.M. Foran. Platform: Changes in reproduction following ibuprofen exposure in Japanese Medaka, Oryzias latipes. Presented at the Chesapeake and Potomac Regional Chapter of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry meeting, Annapolis, MD. April 2005

Ruth Taylor

Technical Advisor


  • M.S. University of Maryland iSchool (Human-Computer Interaction)
  • B.A. Earlham College (Experiential Education)

Ruth possesses rich experience in diverse educational settings. Her career has had an emphasis on implementing project-based curricula, facilitating experiences that teach valuable skills to youth, and utilizing different learning technologies to create an optimal online learning environment. Ruth will be joining the research team and is bringing her expertise to our developing climate change project: Songs of Adaptation.

Publications and/or Presentations
Taylor, R., B. Shneiderman & S. Moeller. (in press). Using NodeXL in a Course Context: Short-term Graduate Student Projects. In M. A. Smith, D. Hansen & I. Himelboim. (Eds.), Think Link: Connecting to the Power of Social Networks with NodeXL. Morgan Kaufmann.

Shane S. Palkovitz

Socioenvironmental Specialist


  • Honors (With Distinction) Bachelor of Arts & Sciences in English
  • Honors Bachelor of Science in Human Services
  • Study, Research & Service Abroad


  • Senior Thesis Winter Session Award
  • Joan Bennett Undergraduate Research Program Summer Scholarship
  • Distinguished Senior Award Finalist

Honors Societies

  • Golden Key International

Shane Palkovitz is a learner of culture and an advocate for the natural world. He holds two honors undergraduate degrees from the University of Delaware, and successfully defended an undergraduate thesis, entitled “Human Displacement in the Third World and in Paradise.” Shane spent five years working in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, first as an Educator, then as a Program Coordinator and eventually as a Socioenvironmental Specialist.

Shane has used music as a means of cultural connection, performing his original songs in over 25 countries and counting. The arts are an excellent way to communicate and share ideas. Currently, he is happily engaged in the Songs of Adaptation project with Future Generations University, aiming not only to collect and synthesize baseline scientific data to summarize global changes but also to present this data utilizing culturally appropriate and appealing medians.

WFR certified through NOLS/Himalayan Medics in Nepal; recertified through NOLS in California,2017. First Aid and CPR. Licensed boat driver; can operate all varieties of motor vehicles on all manners of “roads.” Audiovisual Capabilities: proficient in recording and editing videos and audio as well as taking photographs. Basic conversational skills in the Spanish Language, largely acquired by driving a personal car from Pennsylvania to Panama for a self-organized cultural music tour. Musical production and engineering: very familiar with technical and musical aspects of recording studios and live performance. Basic construction skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word). Basic knowledge of ArcGIS software and GIS concepts.
Workplace Experience
Internationally Touring Musician, Worldwide (8 album releases under “Shane Palko” 2009-2017). Years of music writing and performance have brought about 8 full-length albums, and numerous international collaborations, which have made possible a host of unquantifiably beautiful experiences. Music is more than an art: it is a means of connection, a way of building community and connecting people to what they already have, which sometimes goes unnoticed. It is a way of speaking across cultural divides, as was evidenced by official performances both for charity and profit in 27 countries including China, Thailand, South Africa, Nicaragua and many more. These tours have been self-organized in terms of destinations, funding and logistics.Socioenvironmental Education Specialist, NorthEast, MD (2017-Present). Position created specifically based on skills and passions, and to maintain connection with NorthBay Education. Entails research, writing, training of staff, and instruction. Connecting diverse populations to various environments, enabling student-centered learning, examining the interplay between social structures and natural phenomena.

Program Coordinator of Chesapeake Wilderness Institute, North East, MD (2016-2017). CWI is a small organization, umbrella’d under NorthBay Education. Coordinating this program involves developing curriculum to engage diverse populations of teenagers in character and environmental education in an outdoor setting, procuring donations, maintaining gear, training and managing a staff of educators and outdoor guides, scouting, designing trips, logistical planning, and running a restorative discipline program for students that struggle to acclimate to the outdoor context.

Educator, North East, MD (2013-2015). Full time position at NorthBay Education, working with diverse populations from the Mid Atlantic Region in the context of a one-week residential education program.

Part Time Instructor, Fair Hill Nature Center, Fair Hill, MD (May 2009-2012). Teaching various scientific units to public school classes, grades 2-5, 1 to 2 days per week. Requires an active and resourceful individual to instruct 10-20 students in an engaging manner. Lessons differ per grade. In summer months, instructs mountain biking classes to groups of approximately 15 children ages 10-14.

Intern, Urban Promise, Wilmington, DE (January 2011*). Assist teachers in the classroom setting. Instruct students in one-on-one tutoring situations. Work with students grades 1-7 in the after-school program. Teach guitar and drum technique to students during scheduled times. (*Internship ended in February, but regular volunteering continued until June.)

Camp Employee, Camp Josiah, Port Jervis, NY (Summers 2003-2009). Positions held: lifeguard, teacher, counselor, audiovisual producer. As counselor, responsible for groups of 8 youths from low-income and/or foster families from New York City. This position teaches flexibility and adaptation. As teacher of specialized classes like canoeing or fishing, communication skills are fostered. Audiovisual producer is required to have knowledge of related software and hardware; this position requires a dependable individual with superior work ethic.

Volunteer, Freedom Outreach, Wilmington, DE (2006-2012). Fostering community and engaging in both formal and informal mentoring with individuals from high-risk areas. Living by example and playing games and putting on programs in troubled neighborhoods. Stands for empowering individuals including high-risk youth, adults of low socioeconomic statuses and teens struggling to make positive choices in socioeconomically challenged communities. Volunteering at freedom outreach requires sacrifice and spending considerable amounts of time in risky areas, but is extremely rewarding getting to see networks of constructive relationships being formed and healthy growth in struggling youth.

Catchbasin Marker, part time position at the Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Newark, DE (2010-2011). More important than the number of hours available to work or the pay was the meaning of the tasks. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety worked in conjunction with the Water Resources Agency on the Stormwater Program in order to locate, mark and record nearly 1,000 catchbasins to make managing of stormwater at the University of Delaware more environmentally friendly.


Chief Operating Officer


  • M.A. Future Generations University
  • B.A. Davis & Elkins College
Stephanie Hartman left her position of WV State Tax Department Director of Information Technology to join the Future Generations Graduate School team as the Chief Operating Officer. While at the WV State Tax Department she worked as a programmer, a database administrator and oversaw all aspects of its Information Technology Department. Her current responsibilities at Future Generations Graduate School include human relations, finance office management, grant management, facilities management, and board relations. She was a member of the University’s Class of 2017 and earned her MA in Applied Community Development. Stephanie is a native of Pendleton County, WV.

Stephanie is a Nationally Certified Emergency Technician and volunteers with the Pendleton County Emergency Rescue association.


Strategy & Impact Associate


  • B.A. James Madison University
  • M.A. Future Generations University
Rosie Lynch advances the university’s growth through official communications with donors, prospective students, alumni, and partners as the Strategy & Impact Associate. She has been part of the Future Generations team since 2015. Rosie earned her Bachelor of Arts with Summa Cum Laude Honors from James Madison University, double majoring in Cultural Anthropology and Interdisciplinary Religion with a minor in Asian Studies. She received one of the Honors College’s Hillcrest Scholarships to fund independent research on an international yogic tradition in Mysore, India, resulting in an ethnography published for her Senior Honors thesis. She brings this educational background plus eight years of experience in higher education instruction and extensive community organizing to enact Future Generations mission. Rosie also earned her Master of Arts in Applied Community Development in the Class of 2020.
From 2014-2020, Rosie volunteered as a climate activist leader in Harrisonburg, Virginia – first as a campus student activist and then with the community-based organization, Climate Action Alliance of the Valley. Rosie recently moved from the United States to El Salvador, where her husband teaches middle School English while Rosie continues to work for Future Generations from afar. In her free-time she loves creative writing, learning new vegetarian recipes, and supporting sustainable development in the Salvadoran communities she visits in her new country.
  • Lynch, R. and Pappas, E. “A Model for Teaching Large Classes: Facilitating a ‘Small Class Feel,’” (International Journal of Higher Education, 2017).
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  • Lynch, R. “Campaign Strategy: The Basis for Successful Change,” (Presentation at the Conference on Student-led Social Change, James Madison University, VA, 2017).
  • Lynch, R., and L. Wheeler. “Non-violent Direct Action: Taking a Stand to Gain Support,” (Presentation at the Conference on Student-led Social Change, James Madison University, VA, 2017).
  • Lynch, R. “Studying Yoga: Practice, Language, and Philosophy in Mysore, India,” ( Talk presented as a prior recipient at the Hillcrest Scholarship Banquet, James Madison University, VA, 2016) .
  • Cairns, N., Lundquist, K., Pinkerd, N., Lynch, R., Reese, A., and M. Kennedy (Panel Session). “Narrative Socialization of Middle-Class American Families,” (Presentation at the 7th Annual MADRush Undergraduate Research Conference, James Madison University, VA, 2016).
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  • Pappas, E., and R. Lynch. “Using Cognitive Dissonance as a Teaching Tool,” (Presentation at the Center for Faculty Innovation’s May Symposium, James Madison University, VA, 2015).
  • R. Lynch and E. Pappas. “Barriers to Effective Learning: Classroom Methodologies that help Students Maintain Productive Lives,” (Poster Presentation at the 7th Annual Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy, Virginia Tech., VA, 2015).


Instructional Technologist


  • A.S. Eastern WV Community & Technical College
Paula is a 2014 graduate of East Hardy High School where she graduated with academic honors. She was the secretary of her local 4-H club, treasure of the FCCLA, and a member of Spanish club, student council, and National Honor Society. She enjoys helping with local community functions such as heritage weekend ( a county-wide event honoring the heritage of Hardy County), helping with soup kitchens, and delivering meals to elders during the holidays. She finished her Associates Degree at Eastern WV Community & Technical College in December 2016 and is continuing her education through West Virginia State University to achieve her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. She is a native of West Virginia, growing up in Hardy County, and moving to Pendleton County in 2015.