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Mahatma Gandhi gave the world an important gift: a proven method for how to shape our lives.

Join the study experience of a lifetime to learn Gandhi’s methods where he taught them: his ashram in Sevagram, India. You will eat as he did, study on the same mud floors where he taught, and leave with the skills to use your words and his action models to improve your community. This trip also includes field visits to other sites in India important to Gandhi’s life and teachings, as well as to NGOs that are embodying his method of change.

What You Will Learn

  • How to unify towards a common goal
  • How to mobilize your community for action
  • How to confront outside pressures
  • How to (organize to) solve local obstacles

Mahatma Gandhi gave humanity a new method for how to shape our lives. This certificate will take you to his ashram to learn: “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” This method achieved more than freedom for one-fifth of humanity—it changed people’s lives by leading them towards equality.

In this certificate, you will learn how steps can be taken to improve your community and solve the unique challenges it faces. Together, we will learn how words and actions are change-making tools.

Gandhi's Ashram

This is a world conference room. This floor was made by Gandhi and his followers to come together for meetings.

Course Details

You can elect to enroll in this experience to either pursue a certificate of completion or to earn graduate-level credits towards your degree if already a student in our Master’s program.


Dr. Daniel C. Taylor,
Noted scholar of the Gandhian Method.


Dec. 22, 2018 -Jan. 7 2019 (online)
Jan. 7-19, 2019 (in India)

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The University is excited to announce that scholarships are available. Participants may opt to take the course as a certificate ($600), or for credit towards the M.A. in Applied Community Development (2 credits: $660; 3 credits: $1,320).

Please note that this cost is inclusive of the scholarships mentioned above, transportation within India, meals, and lodging. Participants are responsible for the arranging and cost of travel to and from Delhi, India, including visa

Deadline Information

Deposit: $200 due by December 1, 2018 (non-refundable unless trip is cancelled due to lack of interest or if your application for India visa is denied)

Balance remainder due by: December 31, 2018

Course Instructor Dr. Daniel C. Taylor has for four decades studied and implemented the empowerment-driven approach to improving the lives of communities as well as the natural environment. Growing up in India, he studied the Gandhian method and has worked with his followers. Distilling the larger method of empowerment-driven social change, Taylor helped grow field demonstrations of people transforming their communities in the USA, Nepal, India, China, and Afghanistan. Extending Gandhian concepts into a broader understanding for the modern day, he is one of the synthesizers of the SEED-SCALE method. This method can be learned in detail in parallel certificate courses offered by Future Generations University (see: www.Future.Edu).


There is an online portion to this course to prepare you for the time in India. It is possible to take only this online portion (December 22, 2018 to January 7, 2019) — Cost is $85

Schedule in India (January 7 – 19, 2019):

Day 1 January 7 Arrive Delhi, India
Day 2 January 8 Trip to Taj Mahal & Red Fort
Day 3 January 9 Visit in Delhi where Gandhi died and discuss his life
Day 4 January 10 Visit a Gandhian organization in Delhi
Day 5 January 11 Fly from Delhi-Nagpur, visit with Gandhian scholar
Day 6 January 12 Live in Gandhi's Ashram at Sevagram
Day 7 January 13 Sevagram
Day 8 January 14 Sevagram
Day 9 January 15 Sevagram
Day 10 January 16 Visit Chetan Vikas Gandhian Agriculture NGO , night Raisoni University TBD
Day 11 January 17 Gandhi discussions Raisoni University
Day 12 January 18 Travel to Nagpur. Fly to Delhi (possible late night departure from Delhi home)
Day 13 January 19 Free day in Delhi if you want, then depart for home


This certificate requires travel to Delhi and Sevagram, India from January 7 – 19, 2019.

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