Graduate Programs

Learn how to create and lead sustainable communities through our accredited Master of Arts in Applied Community Development or Graduate Certificate Programs. Our distributed learning model offers students flexibility to complete our programs in their community without having to disrupt work and family commitments.

Community & Research

Institutional research focuses on community-based research, where community is a full partner. It unites scholars and practitioners at the local level. Disciplines include health, climate change, conservation, peace, and applied education. The university now has over one hundred publications describing methods and results.

Click here to see a summary of the overarching concept of SEED-SCALE

Lifelong Learning

A growing, organized, global network of alumni provides an excellent resource for fellow graduates entering the field. Future Generations University has a stake in the success of their graduates and their programs. Partners in research, training, and best practices are components on which Future Generations’ SEED-SCALE method developed.

Graduates expanding their work to larger areas:

  • 93%
  • 7%

Alumni receiving a promotion after their degree:

  • 90%
  • 10%

Alumni earning a salary increase:

  • 79%
  • 21%

Students starting new programs or organizations:

  • 68%
  • 32%



Master of Arts in Applied Community Development

Our 36-credit master’s degree is designed to fit students – your location, your interests, your impact. Learn to apply proven methods to create just and lasting change in your community. Part-time and Full-time options available.

AmeriCorps Path

Complete the Master of Arts in Applied Community Development online, part-time or full-time. AmeriCorps members integrate service-learning while earning credit toward the graduate degree. Segal Ed Award is matched up to $10,000.

World Scouts Path

Your commitment to Scouts is already changing lives and strengthening communities. With a Master of Arts in Applied Community Development, you can have more impact. In addition to the Master’s degree, you can also enroll in the Community Development Certificate. Start now!

Bending Bamboo Path

This applied Master of Arts places educators of English and Sustainable Development in different regions of Vietnam. North American and Vietnamese teachers collaborate in research, publishing, and delivery of new curricula and experiential learning on critical topics — climate, gender, equity, health, food, water, energy, and community.

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows Path

We are a proud member of the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows program and offer a 25% tuition reduction rate towards the Master of Arts in Applied Community Development. We maintain our position as the most competitively priced institution and offer the applied component, regardless of location.


Test the waters, enhance your education and experience, and earn credits in our Certificate in Community Development. Learn more about our Certificates and other professional development opportunities.