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Have expanded their community change work to a larger geographic area or to engage more people;
Of alumni have received a promotion or been hired in a new professional role;
of those who received promotions credit their education from Future Generations University;
Of alumni have earned a salary increase;
  • Adolphus Dupley (Class of 2015), Liberia

    Future Generations University provides one of the best opportunities for graduate education on the globe today. One can really come out of the program as an international caliber change agent.

  • Sabina Carlson (Class of 2013), Haiti

    Most of us have had this experience where the professors and the books have the knowledge. Here we're introduced to the situation where the community has the knowledge and we're learning from the community.

  • Mavis Windsor (Class of 2007), Canada

    This is not a traditional program. It is interested in competency. We receive many action methodologies and instruments. This program helped me to be more sensitive, more human with people, and to have values in my work.

  • Kristen Baskin (Class of 2009) USA

    Future Generations taught me not to fear any kind of success - instead to collect the successes and walk forward with our community, keeping it going.

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