Certificate in Community Development

Not ready for a Masters but still want to build your skills?

Our Certificate in Community Development is a good place to start. Certificates can be taken by anyone interested in learning, regardless of educational background.

Two Required Courses:

  • Introduction to Community Change (taught alternating semesters)
  • Going to Scale (taught alternating semesters)

Choose Two Optional Courses: Suggestions below

August 2020:
  • Bottom Up Economics OR
  • 21st Century Communications OR
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
Feb 2021:
  • Strategic Resource Mapping OR
  • Sustainable Communities OR
  • Nonprofit Management

See our Academic Catalog here for the course descriptions

COST: Varies by course arrangement. Please apply and we will follow up.

Professional Certificate in Maple Sap Collection & Syrup Processing

Interested in sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship? Then this opportunity is for you! This program will guide you to use one of our state’s greatest “untapped” forest resources and join the rapidly growing sap and syrup industry.

Training combines lecture and field work with a mentorship program to get you in business. The training options include:

  • · 3-day field residential sessions on Sap Collection & Syrup Processing
    • November 1-3, 2019 in Franklin, WV
  • · Online training
  • · Mentorship during the mapling season with a producer near you

The mentorship opportunities included with this course allow you to work with local producers as they tap their trees, process their sap, and close out their season.

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • · Set up a sap collection system
  • · Evaporate sap to make maple syrup
  • · Understand the science behind sap and syrup production
  • · Evaluate the economic potential of the maple industry as it relates to individual livelihood objectives

For More Information or to Ask a Question

Contact: Jodie Wimer
For more information on how to turn your certificate into an accredited Master’s course or diploma, contact our registrar at registrar@future.edu


Diploma in Linguistic Development Education

Specifically for teachers affiliated with our Bending Bamboo project in Vietnam, these four courses build teacher confidence for excellence in language instruction that support bilingualism, climate resilience, and sustainable development. See our Academic Catalog here for the course descriptions:

  • · PSK 607 – Theory and Practice of Language Acquisition
  • · PSK 608 – Lifelong Development Education
  • · PSK 610 – Bridging and Negotiating Differences.
  • · PSK 611 – Action Research for Learning Enhancement