Professional Certificates

Gain skills in Sustainable Development at the Community Level

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Monitoring & Evaluation

Learn to simplify, synthesize, and analyze complex data in order to tell the story of and monitor the success of just and lasting change.

Fundraising & Resource Development

Clearly articulated case, a well-developed plan to communicate that case to identified prospects, and the ability to implement effective solicitation strategies.

Social Research Methods

This course introduces you to the fundamental research skills that will allow you to move beyond assumptions and engage in participatory community-based research that contributes to social progress.

Bottom-Up Economics

Explore how bottom-up approaches to the economy can make your community healthier, happier, more sustainable and more resilient.
  • Facilitated by faculty with years of practitioner experience in their field of expertise
  • Learn in a global classroom with learners from around the world and across the U.S.
  • Network with like-minded action-oriented individuals
  • 16 weeks of live-online classes with mobile-ready resources
  • $750. Need-based scholarships are available.