Research Strategy

Discovering What is Useful to Communities

Future Generations research discovers answers useful to communities. The process unites scholars and practitioners at the local level with usable and affordable methods; it also disseminates these globally through training and publication.

The more common academic research focus is scholars leading typically sophisticated experiments and seeking universal answers. Many universities advance this field. Future Generations focuses on research methods and their dissemination that communities can use to answer local questions to inform local social change.

This focus by communities builds on 25 years of scholarship, dating back to our founding. The institution now has over a hundred publications. With the transition in 2017 from Future Generations Graduate School to Future Generations University, a major part of the newly started institutional growth is to advancing methodologies. As part of this, research faculty are also expanding. In this larger focus a goal continues to understand how to scale up community-based social change.

Disciplines to be concentrated on include: health, climate change, conservation, peace, and applied education. Research will also expand the applicability of SEED-SCALE for in-field practitioners..

To offer replicable solutions, Future Generations continues to review the global literature and case evidence, convenes international task forces, and conducts applied, field-based research. The accumulating achievements are grounded in a series of scholarly publications that began in 1992 and now radiate out in ongoing enrichment and guidance to our educational programs and our growing Global Network.