About Us

Future Generations University is a global pioneer in higher education, specializing in the interdisciplinary field of Applied Community Development. The University offers one-of-a-kind learning opportunities to community grounded professionals committed to developing a more inclusive, sustainable, and hopeful world.

Together with the University’s partner organization, the Future Generations Global Network, our Global Team gathers practitioners, students, academics, and community leaders in a universe of learning to advance the well-being of people and planet. We are headquartered in the heart of Appalachia where we reach to other marginalized communities all over the world with our method to advance community-based sustainable development.


Future Generations promotes research, learning, and action toward
inclusive and sustainable community change worldwide.

Future Generations delivers and teaches local impact at global scale. With its proven method for community development, this world-circling, yet community grounded, universe of learning is uniquely positioned to advance just and lasting change for all.


The Future Generations Global community seeks a shift in practice informed by our SEED-SCALE methodology toward the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and beyond. Our vision is a world-circling network of mutually informing communities, responding to emerging challenges with local change, and advancing how present generations can shape improved futures for generations yet-to-come.

Our History

Over three decades, Future Generations has evolved a global learning organization with expertise in community grounded sustainable development. Future Generations University exists to extend this learning through innovative graduate education, training, and collaborative research across a Global Network of development practitioners. Members of this Global Team share a proven method, SEED-SCALE, to advance inclusive, sustainable change across hundreds of communities in more than 42 countries.

Our Shared Future

Communities all over the world must be equipped to develop site-specific solutions to grow resilience in the face of global challenges. That’s what we do at Future Generations. And we’re charting a new course to offer our community-based learning at a larger scale than ever before possible.

For the first time in human history, every country of the world has signed on to the same set of goals: the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In these, governments, many corporations, and donor agencies have shared targets to address our immense global challenges.