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Development Coordinator


Shannon is a graduate of James Madison University, where she majored in sociology, gaining valuable insights into social factors and how they affect organizations both locally and globally. While in college, she managed to start a successful business designing and creating accessories to sell through an online platform to a niche market. This led her to 3D design and additive manufacturing, where she gained experience building small scale 3D printers and eventually brought an additive manufacturing pop-up shop to fruition in Harrisonburg, VA.

In the summers, she keeps a large vegetable garden and spends most of her free time in her kitchen, preserving the harvest and preparing baked goods to share with friends and family. She has spent the last few years raising her two daughters, adjusting to motherhood, and living a simpler, more grounded lifestyle in beautiful Pendleton County, WV. Former member USA Junior Acrobatics Team, ranked 12th in the world.