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Publication Name Type Date Published
Amartya Sen Cap La Angecia delas Muheresyel Cambio Social Article 2011.12
Cambio Justo y Duradero Book 2002
Class of 2017 Academic Catalog Report 2016
Small Grants Programme Country Program Strategy 2016-2018 Report 2016-2018
Small Grants Programme Social and Environmental Safeguard SES Checklist for SGP OP6 Report 2016.03
Small Grants Programme OP6 Baseline Report of Selected Landscape Report 2016.01
Small Grants Programme Country Program Evaluation Report 2016.01
Small Grants Programme Baseline Report of Afghanistan Environmental Context Report 2016.01
Afghanistan Conflict Management Report 2015.03
NTIA WV Evaluation Study Report 2014.03
Afghanistan Positive Deviance Research Report January 2014 Report 2014.01
Studying Social Change in Detroit Article 2013.10
Future Generations Fall Newsletter 2013 Article 2013.10
Boletin- Future Generations Peru Mayo 2013 CLAS Occasional Paper 2013.05
WV Broadband Stories of Impact- How Broadband Change my Life Report 2013.01
Burundi Bottom Up Peace Architecture and Local Pease Committees Occasional Paper 2012.11
West Virginia Fact Sheet Pamphlet 2012.01
Peru Fact Sheet Pamphlet 2012.01
Haiti Fact Sheet Pamphlet 2012.01
Arunachal Fact Sheet Pamphlet 2012.01
Toward Ethnic Conflict Transformation- A Case Study of Citizen Peacebuilding Initiatives on the 2006 Guyana Elections Occasional Paper 2011.11
Newspaper Autumn 2011 Pamphlet 2011.09
China's Young Changemakers- Youth in Development Team Profile Pamphlet 2011.07
Empowering Women Leaders Worldwide for Community Change Pamphlet 2011.06
Guyana Community Scholars Pamphlet 2011.05