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Thirty years of evidence of Future Generations achievements are presented here. We are a global family of six country-based organizations, an accredited university, and an alumni network in 43 countries. Each of us is rooted in SEED-SCALE, a method for community development. From around the world, we generate just societies and lasting futures.

Young women walking to school in Afghanistan highlands. (See also mosque-based women’s school, page 46, 30-Year Report)

Community training  during recent famine in Afghanistan, Future Generations fed 400,000/month and trained women and men in food production

& Equity

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Women learn to map their community resources in Peru, then act based on their mapping

Impact Through a
Master’s Degree

Future Generations master’s degree alumni locate in 43 countries

In Vietnam, a dozen master’s alumni develop a new K-12 English curriculum advancing UN Sustainable Development Goals

Master’s alumnus training 360 community workers in Qomolangma (Mt Everest) National Nature Preserve—training is on community resilience and quality of life

Logging in southern Tibet stopped. This allowed forest management for 1/7 of the trees in China, creating the 40-million acre Four Great Rivers Ecosystem Protection Plan (Yangtze, Mekong, Salween, Brahmaputra Gorges)

Local Successes
Extend to Regional

Over 50% of Tibet is now protected by Future Generations community conservation model

Women in Peru sharing their reproductive histories, an innovative approach of home-centered health being launched in four countries

Chinese university student teaching as part of annual Green Long March (Started in 2007 by Future Generations, continues now with 80 universities)

Women in Afghanistan learn home-centered health care: mothers learning delivery and care of newborns

Learning for
Women to
Reach All

In 2022, to empower Afghan women with money management,  Future Generations set up ten Women’s Only Bazaars

At Mt Everest Future Generations rebuilt the destroyed Rongbuk Nunnery

Women have access throughout the families of a community—in Nepal, a woman prods a boy to join in

Largest urban national park in Asia (twice size Central Park in NYC) created by Future Generations in center of Lhasa City, Tibet

Future Generations led creating the Tibet-wide ban of the sale of wild animal parts and pelts, now many wild animal species in Tibet/China have increasing population numbers

Conserve the
Land, Air, and

Hu Jintao (then the Governor of Tibet, later the president of China), negotiating national park creation with Future Generations Vice President, Chun-Wuei Su Chien

Experiment & Train
Other Communities

Training Appalachian farmers to be maple (and other syrup) producers to make extra money in winter

Added income from tree syrups keeps trees growing so they continue to sequester carbon

Mobile sugar shack – Future Generations travels across Appalachia training forest conservation through maple syrup production