Udoh, Ikwo John, Class of 2005 – (Nigeria)

Practicum Summary:

Academy Community Readiness for Change

In his research, Ikwo Udoh analyzes data collected among the Eguns in Makoko, located in the Lagos Mainland Local Government of Lagos State. The study employed an entry point for community readiness for change survey in order to measure the ability of members in the Egun community to act together, transformative energy among the community, the community’s readiness for positive change, and the community’s ability to sustain a change process. In addition, Udoh wanted to identify an entry point for beginning a change process in the community as a whole. In this study, Udoh found that illiteracy was very high in the community, and basic education and healthcare were the areas in greatest need of intervention. Using statistical data to analyze social factors, it was discovered that although transformative energy was found among the community, those living in the community were unable as to what their immediate problems were, the Egun community were at the level of vague awareness on the community readiness continuum, and the community required a change process focused on building community capacity to motivate leadership and prepare the community for action. Ultimately, Udoh determines that beginning a process of change in unstable conditions would not be a waste of time or resources, for the transformative energy and faith need to move the community from one level to the next will translate into the community’s overall empowerment.