Sakhizada, Besmillah, Class of 2013 – (Afghanistan)

Practicum Summary:

Health System in Afghanistan

Besmillah’s research study was conducted to analyze the role of Family Health Action Groups and Community Health Workers on the betterment of peoples’ lives without outside support in the Siyadara and Rostam valleys of the Yakowlang district in Afghanistan. In order to collect data, 20 Community Health Workers and Family Health Action Groups were interviewed, observed, and served as participants in focus group discussions. From the data collection, Besmillah discovered that community workers who gathered health information from discussions amongst their target communities struggled with finding transportation to visits in their area, decreasing access to community workers at high need sites. Also, community health workers do not get paid during training; Sakhizada presents information supporting that community health workers will be more dedicated if the government and supporting organizations provide financial incentives for these workers.