Robertson, Jackie, Class of 2011 – (Guyana)

Practicum Summary:

From Crisis to Empowerment Opportunity For the Community of Mahdia, Guyana, SA

Jacquelene’s study was designed to discover whether the three-way partnership approach could serve as a mechanism for empowering residents in the community of Mahdia, Guyana, and accelerate the community development process. The three entities involved in the partnership are the following: 1) the central government, who will supervise and provide funding for projects, 2) nongovernmental organizations who will assist with training and empowerment programs, and 3) the local community, who will participate and support the programs, thus instigating a bottom-up development technique. The main goal of the project was to introduce the SEED-SCALE strategy to assist in organizing a citizen-organized approach to development where a traditional government structure is absent. Using a case study approach in which groups were observed, monitored, events documented, sessions videotaped, and public documents analyzed, Jacquelene determined that a three way partnership filled the gap of a traditional strategic partnership, and contributed to achievements among the grass root-level where all sectors are involved in the advancement and empowerment strategy.