Munro, Suzanne, Class of 2011 – (Guyana)

Practicum Summary:

SEED-SCALE approach for improving community livelihood and conservation: The case study of Masakenari Village

Suzanne’s research addresses the impact of money on the values of the Waiwais people in the last decade after receiving external grants provided from conservation International in 2006 to manage their lands as a Community Owned Conservation Area. Prior to declaring their lands as a conservation Area, the Waiwais people depended on a traditional subsistence economy of trading and bartering. However, after receiving funding from external agencies, the community transitioned to a cash based economy. In her research, Suzanne assesses the impact a cash based economy has had on the culture of the Waiwais, including a high level of dependency on external funding. Furthermore, she discusses the SEED-SCALE approach and how it could contribute to positive reformation of the community livelihood and conservation initiative in Masakenari village.