Mukwatu, Bruce, Class of 2005 – (Zambia)

Practicum Summary:

Zambia for Community Change

In his research practicum, Bruce Mukwatu examines the factors associated with a decrease in the community support structure in Zambia in order to effectively contribute to the support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). Currently in Zambia and many other African countries, young people contract HIV/AIDS through unprotected sex and return to their communities to have children. Unfortunately, many parents subject to HIV/AIDS die, leaving their children behind to live with grandparents or worse, on the streets. In his conclusion, Mukwatu recognizes that there are projects in Zambia being implemented to address issues concerning OVCs. Mukwatu also proposes a solution– the creation of The Zambia Academy for Community Change project, that trains existing institutions and community development practitioners how to work more effectively with communities so that they can respond positively to issues relating to OVCs. In this, more NGOS and community-based organizations will be involved in addressing the needs of OVCs, and will be exposed to the SEED-SCALE process of bottom-up development to bring about sustainable social change.