Lham Tshok, Tsering, Class of 2009 – (Bhutan)

Practicum Summary:

Neomicrocalamus Andropogononifolius in Kangpara, Bhutan

Tshering Lham’s study concerns the depletion of Neomicrocalamus andropogonifolius, also known as ringshu bamboo, in Kangpara, located in the eastern district of Trashigang, Bhutan. Communities in this region use ringshu to create fine bamboo products to sell in urban markets, but they must travel further and further away from their villages to find materials for their work. Using ground field surveys, social and economic data, and an analysis of local perception and government policies, Lham assessed the factors that contributed to the decline of the ringshu population in local forests. Ultimately, he found that a lack of local institutions, a gap in forest policies and implementation, limited scientific and technical knowledge and skills in sustainably managing ringshu, contributed to the profound decline in the ringshu population in local forests.