Lamacova, Jarka, Class of 2007 – (Czech Republic)

Practicum Study:

Effectiveness of Czech Youth Learning about Global Issues

Lamacova’s research focuses on the effectiveness of two programs he developed, Global Village and Summer School of International Development Assistant, for high school students in the Olomous region of the Czech Republic. Lamacova studies the way that both programs increase high school students’ awareness about global development issues, because students do not have a chance to discuss these issues in school since the Czech school system is information-based and not skill and attitude-based education. After analyzing both programs using questionnaires and focus group discussions, Lamacova determined that the Summer School of International Development is a more effective mechanism for changing the mentality of youth. However, the Global Village program still offers an introduction for schools and teachers to address issues such as the unequal distribution of populations and resources, even if it has not proven to catalyze a shift in youth mentality to a more global perspective.