Eversley, Shellon, Class of 2011 – (Guyana)

Practicum Summary:

HIV/AIDS and Dependency in Guyana

Shellon’s study was undertaken by Agape Network Inc., a faith-based NGO located in the community of Sophia, Guyana. Agape focuses on reducing the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and offers hope to People Living with HIV/AIDS through program activities that benefit Orphan and Vulnerable children, youth, and adults, such as leadership skills training and capacity building initiatives. The overall objectives of the study include determining the degree of dependence of People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) on Agape Inc.’s programs, and generating useful data that will serve as a new foundation for designing new program interventions that work toward the goal of having PLWHA become self-reliant. Using interviewing techniques, Shellon concluded that even though people have benefited from capacity building and skills trainings, they continue to be dependent on Agape Inc. programs. She recommends a continuation of the skill training program and providing financial assets and other capital to start up a business after completing the training.