Brown, Kelly, Class of 2005 – (Canada)

Practicum Summary:

For Our Children’s Tomorrow

In this practicum study, Kelly Brown discusses the Heiltsuk National Land Use Plan and the Bella Bella Fish Plant Business, two initiatives undertaken by the Heiltsuk Nation in British Columbia to empower the local community to take ownership of the regulation of their natural resources and development. Using SEED-SCALE methodology, Brown addresses the challenges faced in her community, including post colonialism, economic development, and engaging the community. She concludes that in order for the Heiltsuk people to begin progressing as a healthy sustained community, they must stay focused on sustaining their health and economy by following through with the Heiltsuk National Land Use Plan and Bella Bella Fish Plant Business. This includes identifying proper experts to implement the plans and proper government officials to work with. Brown believes that the Heiltsuk people will achieve a sustainable community model if the aforementioned recommendations are addressed.