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Publication Name Type Date Published
Grounds for Democratic Hope in Arunachal Pradesh- Emerging Civic Geographies and the Reinvention of Gender and Tribal Identities Article 2009.07
Pendeba Manual Report 2009.06
Pendeba Manual Preventative Health Care Report 2009.06
Interview with Bill Carmichael Article 2009.06
2008 Annual Report Report 2009.04
Statebuilding and Community Engagement without Reconciliation- A Case Study of Afghanistans National Solidarity Program Occasional Paper 2009.03
Mobilization of Human Resources for Sustainable Development- The Future Generations Arunachal Initiative Article 2009.03
Graduate School Newsletter Pamphlet 2009.03
Communities Not State or NGOs- the Answer to Development and Sustainable Occasional Paper 2009.03
Mobilizing Human Energy Article 2008.12
Green Long March Newsletter Fall 2008 Pamphlet 2008.10
Case Study CLAS Peru Report 2008.08
The Case of Nepal White-Paper 2008.07
The Case of Guyana White-Paper 2008.07
The Case of Burundi White-Paper 2008.07
Engaging Citizens and Communities to Create Peace and Security Research Framework White-Paper 2008.07
Toward a Better Future in Afghanistan- An Investigation into the Central Council of Shahidan in Bamyam Province Occasional Paper 2008.05
2006-2007 Annual Report Report 2007.12
Graduate School Self-Study to the North-West Central Higher Learning Commission Report 2007.08
Searchers Who are Improving Health in the Midst of Poverty Occasional Paper 2006.08
Lodi Gardens in New Delhi, India Occasional Paper 2006.07
Rhesus Macaque Monkeys in Tibet Occasional Paper 2006.06
Natural History Notes on the Pro-Tsangpo and Rong Chu Confluence Occasional Paper 2006.05
Notes on some Ecological Aspects of Gongga Shan and Hailouguo Geopark Occasional Paper 2006.04
2005 Annual Report Report 2005.12