Onyeizu, Uchenna, Class of 2014 – (Nigeria)

Practicum Summary:

Transmission of Indigenous Knowledge and Practices in Nigeria: The role in sustainable yam production.

Uchenna’s study focused on the channels of transmission of indigenous knowledge and practices for promoting sustainable yam production in Nigeria, and the methods used to learn these practices. In Nigeria, the yam, which is consumed by the majority of the Nigerian population, is considered an important contributor to food security and reducing poverty. However, after the discovery of crude oil, stakeholders in Nigeria’s economic development began to neglect agricultural food production, which was once the mainstay of the Nigerian economy. Using a three-pronged approach including a literature review, a case study of the Bawri Community, and the Uchenna’s personal experiences, Uchenna conducted a research study addressing the future of the yam in the economy and health of the Nigerian people. The study revealed that the annual New Yam Festival, held at the end of each rainy season, is a key channel and opportunity for the transmission of indigenous knowledge of yam production. In order to sustain the transmission of yam production knowledge between the older generation and the younger generation, Uchenna believes that the government should take on the role of enabling systems and events to facilitate the transfer of information.