Budhathoky, Pradeep, Class of 2014 – (Nepal)

Practicum Summary:

Climate change adaptation policies and its application at the empirical level: Gap analysis from the community perspective in Nepal

Pradeep’s research practicum is focused on the effects of climate change in Nepal, and the adaptive policies in place to prepare for resulting environmental challenges. Pradeep states that developing countries like Nepal are at a greater disadvantage than developed countries in the face of climate change, due to their limited resources, knowledge gap, and lack of institutional capacity. Agricultural communities at the local level in Nepal are particularly vulnerable to the unexpected changes in the natural climatic system which is disrupting their ability to earn a living. Although national policy has been developed related to climate change in Nepal, most local districts are unaware of these policies or do not know how to adapt them to their current administration, creating a gap between policy and actual implementation. In order to determine better ways to effectively implement policy on the local level, Pradeep conducted a research study in the districts of Kailali, Bardiya, Banke and Chitwan by collection information through focus group discussions, questionnaires, and participatory observation. In order to improve Nepal’s climate policies and implementation practices, Pradeep recommends providing additional training for local, community-based and civil society organizations to build capacity for policy implementation, and creating a climate adaptation fund to strengthen the resources of future programs.