Graduate School Kicks off New Year-Long Applied Research Webinar Series

Future Generations Graduate School kicked off its monthly webinar series with a strong faculty showing and invaluable perspectives from alumni. The discussion set the tone for webinars to follow. From now on, they’ll be divided into two parts:

  1. A Theoretical Discussion on topics such as why to do applied research in the first place; pros, cons, and options for publishing applied community-based research; and the ins and outs of developing strong research questions. This portion of the webinar will include expert perspectives, guest speakers, and optional background and resource materials.
  2. A Presentation of either an active research project or an idea for a future research project by a member of the team – faculty, alumni, or current student. Presenters will have the opportunity to receive feedback, constructive criticism, and encouragement from peers and mentors alike.

The purpose of the webinar series is to discuss research-related topics, learn new skills, and provide peer review and encouragement from members of the global team. It is an institution-wide effort to raise the profile of the Graduate School’s applied research, and to encourage further collaboration and capacity among the Global Network of students, alumni, and faculty. Applied research has been an integral part of the master’s degree curriculum and part of the work of Future Generations since the original research that informed its creation. This year in particular, the Graduate School is focused on scaling up and strengthening its educational offerings as well as the scholarship and practice generated by the institution.

These webinars will continue on the second Tuesday of each month through at least May 2017. The next webinar will take place on October 11, 2016. All feedback and ideas for how to make the series more relevant, effective, and meaningful are welcomed. Please send Meike Schleiff, Director of Research, an email!

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