Future Generations Prepares to Launch Applied Research Webinar Series in September

In response to requests from Future Generations alumni for a forum to interact and gain additional skills and perspectives in applied research design, methods, analysis, and publication options, the Graduate School is excited to host a monthly series of webinars on research-related topics driven by alumni and student interests! This series will be a platform and discussion space for alumni, faculty, and current students. There are also plans to include guest speakers as well to bring relevant experience and expertise to the discussions.
At Future Generations, many of our students, alumni, and faculty are actively engaged in applied community-based research and contributing to the exploration and advancement of the methods and rigor of the field. The School’s  research foci include home-centered health, people-based conservation, peacebuilding using positive deviants, effectiveness of SEED-SCALE as a theory of social change, and the pedagogy of learning through engagement with life and the world around us.
The first session, to be held on Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at 8:00am EST, will serve as an orientation and listening session. Faculty will review the purpose of this webinar series, have brief introductions from participants about their current work and interests, and review several different structures and content options for the rest of the webinars in order to decide what will be the most valuable use of this forum. Subsequent webinars will be held on the second Tuesday of each month until May 2017. A full schedule of webinar dates and topics will be finalized after the first session.
Each month’s session will be recorded and will be available to Graduate School affiliates—including our alumni—via YouTube links.
If you are interested in joining any of the seminars in this series, please contact Meike Schleiff, Director of Research, at mschleiff@future.edu for more information.

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