Learn Community Development Skills

You can lead Scouting in community development by joining in the partnership between World Scouts and Future Generations University. Customize your path by choosing one of each of the specialized courses offered each Semester. For the adventurous, you can choose to take Field-Based Courses to experience and participate in community development with other Future Generations students. Once you complete your certificate (12 credit hours) and want to keep learning, you can apply these credits toward the full Master of Arts in Applied Community Development.

Both options (Certificate and Master’s degree) have scholarships. So, sign up immediately for the certificate before September 28th as there is limited opportunities available.

Like Scouting, Future Generations believes that learning is based in actions. . At Future Generations University, your work is your “lab” and this is where you apply your study and learning resources come to you online. While earning your certificate and/or degree, you work through these with classmates around-the-world and improve your community while applying the U.N. (and Scouting) SDG objectives.

A Customized Scout Certificate

in Community Development

Learn How to Deliver the SDGs in Your Community

Take the Two Introductory Courses plus three more

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Fall 2020 – Choose between

  • Intro. to Community Change
    • Delve more deeply into the ideas and actions to change your community. The SEED-SCALE method emphasizes using resources already in your community, especially human energy and the desire within people to improve their lives and livelihoods
  • Independent Study
    • You will join with a group of other scout leaders to develop a project that answers a burning question and address a pressing challenge.

Courses may change based on Student Interest.

Winter 2020

  • Vietnam: From War Victim to Aid Recipient to Development Model
    • You will explore how two countries are crafting development solutions to shared concerns – accommodation of climate change, sustainable development in school systems and celebrating secondary language skills and intercultural skills.

Courses may change based on Student Interest.

After Completing the Certificate – You Can Continue Your Learning & Increase Your Impact

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Master's Degree Overview

After completing your Scout Certification program (with adequate course grades), you are ⅓ or more on your way towards earning a US accredited Master’s Degree. Use your Master of Arts in Applied Community Development from Future Generations University to create even more positive impact. This customized master’s track has been designed just for you to help achieve your goals as a leader of change in the World Scouting movement.

This unique opportunity enables you to earn your master’s degree while continuing the community work you care about. With the skills and knowledge you can gain from a Future Generations University education, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Benefit from Future Generations University’s blended learning curriculum, which makes use of Online Learning, Face-to-Face, Learning, and Community Labs via our online learning platforms. The main place of learning, however, is your community. That is the structure around which your educational experience here will be built.

Optional Residential experiences are also available, in which students travel to complete immersive, hands-on learning in the field in different locations around the world.

Requirements for admission include:

  • A Desire to Make a Difference
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Official Transcripts
  • Personal Statement of Commitment to Your Community
  • Reference Letter
  • Reliable Internet Connection

We do not require an application fee, GRE, or TOEFL/IELTS. The strength of your application is a vision for and commitment to sustain and grow your Scouts organization and community impact.


Typically, it takes two years to complete the degree program. But your scholarship will carry forward if you want to take three years. Longer is possible but without scholarship guarantee.

You should be prepared to commit 10-15 hours per week to your coursework. This includes synchronous (occurring at the same time) class, using video-conferencing software, online work, field research, and applied project-based assignments. If you need to extend the program to three years, your weekly time commitment will be less..

You will receive an accredited Master of Arts degree in Applied Community Development

Yes, mainly, but this isn’t like other online learning opportunities. This blended learning model combines online content, face-to- face video conferencing, peer-to- peer collaboration, applied learning in community and places of work, field-based research, optional regional and global residential studies, and a lifelong network of development colleagues. The flexibility of this model allows you to remain in your community and maintain your life while gaining a formally recognized qualification. You need not relocate for this Master’s degree.

First and foremost, this degree will make you a more effective leader in your organization or community. The applied nature of the program will also enhance your career prospects. The issues and challenges you will learn to address throughout the course of your program are relevant to many organizations/businesses. Future Generations alumni have gone on to serve in business enterprises, government, community development, conservation planning, faith-based initiatives, health, peacebuilding, relief work, social work, and teaching and research.

Special financing options are available to Scout Leaders. Active Scout Leaders should contact, Chris Roper (Chris.roper@future.edu), to understand the special scholarship options available

The regular cost of tuition is US$500 per credit hour. The total tuition for four semesters is $16,000– a relative bargain for a Master’s Degree from an accredited North American higher education institution.

We strive to make the program available to qualified students regardless of financial circumstance. Scholarships are available, but you are encouraged to apply early if you seek financial aid. We do everything we can to ensure cost is not a barrier of entry. Therefore, we do provide needs-based scholarships as able. If you qualify for one of these limited scholarships, the cost of the degree may be reduced up to 85%. You are encouraged to apply early if you wish to apply for financial aid in the form of a scholarship. U.S. students may complete the FAFSA for Federal loans.

This program is an investment in your future and we are mindful of the time, energy and money this program will require of you. Many will benefit from your education, so we encourage you to request financial support from your Troop, District, National unit or other donors/foundations committed to Scouting. We can suggest ways in which to present this opportunity to others in your community who may wish to support you.

All students complete an institutional Financial Aid Form to determine need for financial aid. There are also scholarship opportunities for AmeriCorps and returned Peace Corps Volunteers, U.S. Veterans, and students of certain ethnic origins. If accepted following your application, Scouts Cohort Director, Scott Lawson, and other Future Generations staff will help to locate available scholarships or grants.

Who We Are

Future Generations is global family of community change and development practitioners with a presence in more than 40 countries around the world. Use he interactive map below to read about our amazing alumni and the practicum work they completed in their time with us.

About Future Generations University:

Future Generations is a not-for- profit, private university focused exclusively on preparing effective community leaders and change makers. The central headquarters is in West Virginia, USA, approximately three hours west of Washington, D.C. But the world is our campus and we have students from 45 countries. You supply the context and we will give you the methods, processes, and skills. Future Generations University is accredited by the USA’s Higher Learning Commission, located in Chicago, IL. The HLC is the largest and oldest accrediting agency in the U.S. Accreditation is a transparent means under regulations from the U.S. Department of Education of ensuring you are receiving a degree from a reputable institution that has met high national standards.

“This Program is not affiliated with nor developed in conjunction with Boy Scouts of America.”