Future Generations’ home-centered health track originates in the research of Carl E. Taylor (founding chairman of International Health at Johns Hopkins University). Carl was also a co-founder of Future Generations. In 1978, he co-authored the background paper for the World Conference on Primary Health that advanced methods by which to achieve “Health for All.”

The focus must be on mothers, as the “Number 1 health care providers.” Care must first center in the home as the “Number 1 health care facility.” This yields health’s most powerful intervention: behavior change.

What We Are Doing:

  • Class of 2005 alumnus Alex Vargas of Peru collaborated with staff at Future Generations Peru to study best practices for expanding access to health services. This research helped link rural households with volunteer community health agents in the face of often unreachable health clinics in Peru.
  • Class of 2005 alumnus Bruce Mukwatu of Zambia had 20 years of experience leading community- based primary health projects by the time he was a student in the Master’s program. He worked as the Community Empowerment Manager with Health Communication Partnership, which initiated a nationwide community-based program covering almost 73 districts. In an effort to scale up previous successes in his country, Mukwatu initiated collaborative, community-based learning through the Zambia Academy for Community Change as his applied practicum project.