By joining the learning organization of Future Generations University, you grow a learning organization among the people where you work and live. Your community can be any group that shares something in common and has potential to act together.

Skills you will learn with Future.Edu are:

  • Connecting Disciplines. You select a specialization. Then your specialization connects to the whole of life (environment, health, increasing incomes, gathering people from society’s margins, growing local peace) as you learn to put the disciplines together.
  • Using What Your Community Has. Begin with your successes, and learn how to gather your community. By then connecting your community to the global, you learn from world examples and skills.
  • Learning to Lead and Plan. You become a changemaker. As a global team, you synthesize knowledge on how life can improve. When you graduate, you join a world of rising best practice in our sister group Globalnetwork.Future.Org.

The skills you will have developed turn people’s energies to increased effect. When people change their behavior, this drives local change in your community. Energies and resources fit people’s priorities, and these become continually informed by parallel learning around-the-world.

Future Generations University is selective. This means you get personalized mentoring.

Students learn SEED-SCALE, a process that creates locally-specific solutions. The SEED-SCALE method has been evolving for 25 years; it syntheses other methods where there is evidence to show community level effectiveness. These solutions begin in the successes every community has. Then growing successes improve the quality of life. As communities improve, the process draws in others.

Impact grows because the community works together, with partners, and is informed by evidence. This change typically becomes efficient. Work time is reduced because change starts immediately. Costs tumble because growth is not fixing failures, but building from local resources. And, very importantly, local people know how to bring efficiencies to local tasks.

So, as a practitioner you are driving change by helping people learn better application of the energies of creativity and cohesion, bringing the community together, focusing these are shared visions that advance all. The more this grows, the more the community shares.

Local cooperation accelerates. SEED-SCALE is a method that can be used almost any place. It takes work, but you can learn it.

  • Globalnetwork.Future.Org has evolved demonstrations in many countries—Future.Edu draws on this base all around the world in your classroom.
  • Using resources already there, you learn how to do raise effectiveness as well as efficiencies because you are learning from the world’s.
  • Using what is already there speeds up service extension—time is not needed to develop transport/staffing solutions.
  • Decisions becoming localized achieve the amazing impact shown in other sections of this website.

In 36 countries, our alumni and students have been improving the future for their communities in…