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Field-based study in India is transformative. Visit sites important to Gandhi’s life, including the locations of his assassination and cremation, as well as his Sevagram ashram for a deeply moving experience. The porch he helped to build and upon which he sat while he spun khadi is just one of the amazing locations of your classes here. Other activities on this course include visits to women’s action groups and agricultural and health NGOs, as well as outings to see sites such as the Taj Mahal, Old Delhi, Agra Fort, and Jama Masjid. If you’re lucky, you may even spot an elephant or two…

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This interdisciplinary course taught participants about various aspects of community change and empowerment. Presentations from health NGOs and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) were highlights of the experience.[/themesingleimage][themesingleimage pb_title=”The Philippines” image=”10814″ color=”#1d5370″ alignment=”center” foo=”Default params value”]

The Philippines has it all for those looking to strengthen their skills as development practitioners, community leaders, and resource management professionals. Learn about participatory and people-centered development, as well as ecosystem sustainability..[/themesingleimage]

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Experience community-based empowerment and conservation in Nepal! Observe the impact of organizations such as Share and Care Nepal and their work with vulnerable communities in areas of health, education, and women and youth..[/themesingleimage][themesingleimage pb_title=”Bhutan” image=”8702″ color=”#1d5370″ alignment=”center” foo=”Default params value”]

Students on the Bhutanese course had quite the experience when they met with the Queen of Bhutan! They also learned about the “gross national happiness” of the country.[/themesingleimage]

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Learn about the various modes by which tourism can serve or hinder the holistic well-being of Vietnam. Examine the country’s unique development history, its climate challenges, its cultural and ecological richness, and Vietnam’s role in ASEAN and the world.

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Do you have a strong interest in peacebuilding and creating sustainable change following a disaster situation? Learn how Haitians united following the devastating 2010 earthquake to rebuild their communities..[/themesingleimage]

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Learn at Future Generations breathtaking headquarters in Pendleton County, West Virginia and from there travel to other significant U.S. locations. The protected “forever wild” Adirondacks State Park in New York is a particular highlight where participants see first-hand how this conservation experiment operates. Other visits have included organizations working in cities such as Detroit to lead community transformation efforts, and of course with many of the prestigious organizations present in Washington, D.C.[/themesingleimage]

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Witness groundbreaking work in the field of maternal and child healthcare in the highlands of Peru, with visits to village health centers and community health-based NGOs..[/themesingleimage]

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This field-based study course had a peacebuilding focus. Participants visited several communities to learn about various peace projects, as well as farmer field schools.

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Some of our very first field-based study took place in China, where a major focus was learning about conservation best practices in Tibet Autonomous Region.[/themesingleimage]

While the flexibility of online classes is a draw for many of our busy students, the educational benefit of our field-based study courses can’t be beat! These courses are optional, which means you may elect to take them for credit in addition to or replacing other course credits towards your overall degree. These immersive learning experiences range from one-three weeks in length and take place all over the world. You won’t just be learning the best practices in the development field; you’ll be living them!

Field-based study locations are selected every year on the basis of relevance to course work and learning objectives. Past learning sites have included: India, Vietnam, Peru, the Philippines, Uganda, the United States, China, Haiti, and more.

When reflecting upon their time in the Master’s program, many students pinpoint their field-based study courses as having been the pinnacle of their experience. Beyond learning best practices, they also provide valuable face-to-face collaboration with peers, professors, and development practitioners. Lifelong professional relationships and friendships are often created during these experiences.

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