Future Generations University is pioneering a one-of-a-kind global learning community to shape a better future for our world. From community-grounded research, extended through learning, and applied in action, students, alumni, faculty, and partners across 41 countries connect to create inclusive and sustainable community development. We lead non-profit organizations, manage government agencies, teach in universities, serve as international consultants, and organize civic movements for all 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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Future Generations is continually seeking out new partnerships to advance community-based research, learning, and action around the world. Current partnerships exist with World Scouting, AmeriCorps, and Share & Care, and aligned universities, with more on the way. We design customized training programs, which can include online resources, webinars, one-day workshops, or longer-term training. Whether delivered online or in-person, Future Generations always offers applied learning with real-world results. Contact us today to plan a customized training program for your organization’s staff or members, or to explore a collaborative, community-grounded research program.