Earn Your Masters Degree While Participating in the AmeriCorps Program



Conservation Concentration Option Available


Time to Complete the Program: 22 Months


Next Class Begins: September 2017


Graduation: June 2019


Program Description:

In partnership with Appalachian Forest Heritage Area (AFHA), High Rocks, and Volunteer West Virginia, Future Generations is in the process of creating a new educational opportunity for AmeriCorps Members to pursue Graduate Studies, while completing their service in West Virginia. The aim of this program is to combine the experiential opportunity offered by AmeriCorps with ongoing professional development through augmenting service with Graduate studies.


Requirements/Qualifications for Admission Into the Program:

  • Bachelors Degree from an Accredited US Institution of Higher Learning
  • Acceptance and Commitment to AmeriCorps State in West Virginia for 2 years of service
  • Eligible for Title IV Funding (FAFSA)


For More Information:     Please send us an email at  http://www.future.edu/contact/


Partner Links:   Appalachian Forest Heritage AreaHigh Rocks, & Volunteer WV