At Future Generations University, we want you to take charge of your learning. As a professional, you may already possess the knowledge and skills that are taught in some of our classes, so why spend time in class to learn what you already know? Instead, we want to give you credit for what you already know through a process called Prior Learning Assessment. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Contact Christie Hand at to talk through the process and determine how your knowledge and skills might align with our courses
  2. After the conversation, if prior learning assessment is something you want to pursue, we’ll enroll you in the Prior Learning Seminar, a self-paced course on our Moodle learning platform. You can take this for two credits or use the course simply as a step-by-step guide for prior learning.
  3. The modules in the Prior Learning Seminar will walk you through the process of analyzing the skills and knowledge you have acquired over the years which correspond to our courses and Program Learning Outcomes.
  4. After you have completed the Seminar, your ePortfolio will be ready to be assessed for prior learning credit.

If you like working on your own and exploring what you have already learned, this is a great opportunity for you! Please don’t hesitate to call Christie if you are interested.


Christie Hand,