Research Faculty


Research Professor


  • MD- Panjab University
  • MPH- Everglades University
  • Residency- Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Raj Masih has a terminal degree in medicine (MD) and a Master’s in Public Health (MPH). He has received board certification in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, Critical Care, and most recently the American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine.
Raj has over 19 years’ experience in clinical medicine ranging from Level I Trauma Centers to smaller rural Emergency Departments and has practiced medicine in third world countries. He has over 7 years’ experience in Behavioral Health with a focus on Substance Use Disorders. In his current capacity, he has State oversight of the Overdose Reduction Program for the Action Counties of West Virginia through the West Virginia Office of Drug Control Policy.
He has been a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Alderson-Broaddus University and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at WVU School of Medicine and WV School of Osteopathic Medicine. He has also been an Instructor of Emergency Medicine at Texas Tech University, Paul Foster School of Medicine. Raj was awarded one of Americas Top Physicians, 2004-2005 in Emergency Medicine through CRCA, and was the recipient of the 2018 Craig Curtis Behavioral Health Award.
He has presented research finding at multiple international substance use disorder conferences and will be presenting again at the 2023 Rx Summit in Atlanta in April. His research has culminated in multiple scholarly articles, which have been published in international scientific journals. On the strength of his research in substance use disorders, he was awarded Fellowship of the Royal Society for Public Health (FRSPH) in 2018. In his capacity as a subject matter expert in substance use disorders, he is a co-chair for the Governor’s Council on Substance Abuse, Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery and serves on the Board of Directors of the WV Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, WV Local Health, Inc., and the University of Pittsburg School of Medicine TREETOP Initiative through NIH as a community advisory board member. Raj lived in India for many years and has been exposed to multi-national efforts in public health and medicine in third-world country settings.
Selected Publications:
  • Masih R, Rivera M. Miliary tuberculosis causing ARDS and hemodynamically proven septic shock: A surviving case. Patient Care, Aug.1998; 163-167
  • Masih R, Makani A. Squirrel dinner causing acute appendicitis. Journal of Urgent Care Medicine, July 2008
  • Masih R. Pachydermodactyly in poultry workers: A report of 2 cases. International Journal of Dermatology Research. Vol 1, Issue 2 2020; 23-25
  • A Quantitative Statistical Analysis of the efficacy and outcomes of certified peer recovery coaches engaging people with substance use disorders in a harm reduction program. International Journal of Advanced Educational Research, 2021; 6 (1): 46-48
  • Masih R., Titus T., Mathias P., Brewer M. Neuro-physiologic imaging in the context of traditional theories of human motivation. International Journal of Medical and Health Research. 2021; 7 (6): 5-10.
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