Trustees & Advisory Council

Future Generations University is a private nonprofit institution and recognized as such by Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

Board of Trustees

Future Generations University is governed by its Board of Trustees.

Ruben Puentes (Chair)

Punta del Esta, Uruguay- Starting his career as a potato farmer in Uruguay, then a decade with Texas A&M University, Ruben spent two decades in leadership of The Rockefeller Foundation, leaving as Associate Vice President for Knowledge Management.

Chris Cluett - Seattle, WA

A distinguished sociologist of people and transportation, Chris had a long career with the Batelle Corporation. Continuing from his Peace Corps, then USAID assignments in Nepal in the 1960s, Chris has remained active with Nepal.

Isaac Bekalo - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Born in Ethiopia, and from that pursuing deep grounding in solving the challenges of rural life. Isaac trained in the Philippines in Organizational Development. Isaac is currently President of the International Institute of Rural Reconstruction.

Shannon Bell - Blacksburg, VA

As a Master's degree student in Future Generations University, Shannon's career in sociology went on to focus on solutions for women by women engaging with the coal industry. She is now an Associate Professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Michael Stranahan - Denver, CO

Engaged for four decades with making education useful, after his education at Harvard, Mike, started as a teacher of mathematics then continued as host on Aspen Public Radio as well as to mentor children in pottery.

Kent Spellman - Fairmont, WV

Coming to West Virginia for public service, Kent moved across the linkage between for profit and not-for-profit. He spent two decades developing the West Virginia Community Development HUB to gather help for West Virginia communities.

Daniel C. Taylor - Franklin, WV

Growing up in India, Dan'l moved to West Virginia in the 1970s, co-founding The Mountain Institute, then national parks around Mt Everest, and from this West Virginia base he has launched the global family of Future Generations organizations.


Advisory Council

Future Generations University has an external Advisory Council consisting of leaders in the fields of higher education, international development, technology, and systems thinkings.

Brenda Gouley - (U.K)

Former Vice-Chancellor, Open University (U.K); Former Vice-Chancellor, University of Natal (South Africa)

Kul C. Gautam - (Nepal)

Former Assistant Secretary General United Nations and Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF. Coordinator of the 1990 World Summit for Children.

David Hales - (U.S.A.)

Former President, College of the Atlantic; Former Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. Government

Patricia Rosenfield - (U.S.A.)

Senior Fellow, Rockefeller Archives Center

George Rupp - (U.S.A.)

Former President, Columbia University, Rice University; also former President, International Rescue Committee

Susan Stroud - (U.S.A.)

Executive Director, Innovations in Civic Participation. Co-founder the Talloires Network (a network of universities committed to education on civic engagement and social responsibility). Founding Director of AmeriCorps.