Frequently Asked Questions

What is Future Generations University?

Future Generations University is a 501(c)3 non-profit institution of higher education founded in 2003 by Future Generations, an international civil society organization (


Are you accredited?

On December 30, 2016, the institution formerly known as Future Generations Graduate School, which had been placed on Notice by its accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), in June 2015, merged with a separate corporation known as University of the World. The surviving corporation, University of the World, then changed its name to Future Generations University. Because the HLC had no opportunity for prior review or approval of this merger, HLC does not currently affirm that Future Generations University is accredited.


What is the purpose of the Future Generations Graduate School?


For a decade, the University has pioneered a new model of applied higher education that focuses learning in the community and enables the world's most promising development practitioners to advance social change with new skills and strategies. The University offers a two-year Masters Degree in Applied Community Change with concentrations in Conservation and Peacebuilding. The Graduate School also conducts research on the effectiveness of community-based approaches for achieving impact in the areas of child health, nature conservation, and peacebuilding.


How many classes and students have you graduated?

To date, the Masters Degree program has prepared students and alumni from 29 countries. Class sizes are kept small, and academic standards are kept high. Since 2003, seven classes (Class 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015) have graduated. Thus far, we have 80 alumni total.


How many international students do you have?

U.S. students = 17% International Students = 83%


What is the completion rate of the University?

3-year completion rate = 41% Overall completion rate = 64%


How safe is your campus?

The Graduate School has had zero incidents.


What is your financial aid situation?

Number of students applying for Federal Student Aid = 2 Default Rate = 0% (Graduate School Title IV authorized in 2013)


Can you tell me more about your alumni?

Our students are already development practitioners in their own countries and the model of our program allows them to stay in their jobs. The following statistics indicate the engagement of our alumni.

Percentage of alumni Employed: 95%

Engaged in similar community work as during Master's program: 83%

Working for the same organization as during the Master's program: 58% (of these 40% have changed jobs within their organization, mostly promotions)

Working for a different organization: 42% (of these 36% have started their own organization/consultancy).

Working together on Future Generations Alumni Collaboration Grants: 37%

Already obtained a PhD, are in, or applying for a doctoral/PhD program: 11%


Am I eligible for the Masters Degree Program?

Please check our eligibility criteria for full details. To summarize, all applicants are required to: 1) work with a community throughout the two-year program; 2) have a Bachelors Degree or equivalent; 3) be proficient in the English language; and 4) have reliable internet connectivity.


Do I have to quit my job to complete this Masters Degree Program?

No, as long as you have permission from your employer to participate in residentials each term, you will not need to quit your job. Besides these residentials, you will be based in your home community.


What courses do you offer?

Complete course listings and details are available in the Academic Catalog.


How is Future Generations University financed?

Future Generations receives its largest support from private philanthropists. Thank you. Gifts from individuals are often unrestricted and allow the organization to respond more effectively and strategically to community priorities. In addition, the organization receives significant contributions from private foundations, government agencies, and corporations.


I'd like to support your students, how can I help?

Future Generations students are typically community development practitioners working with limited funds in overseas settings. You can help by contributing to the organization's student scholarship fund.


What happens if I belong to the press and want additional information?

Please e-mail