Student & Alumni Scholarship


Future Generations is dedicated to the furthering of academic excellence and research by supporting the ongoing scholarly pursuits of our current students and alumni. Research is just one of many types of scholarship, which represents the creative, documented, and departmentally assessable contributions to that person’s discipline. All scholarship here has been formally reviewed in some manner, thereby demonstrating to the satisfaction of peers that high performance standards have been met.



Fighting King Coal

The Challenges to Micromobilization in Central Appalachia
by Shannon Elizabeth Bell (Class of 2005), 2016.

In Fighting King Coal, Shannon Elizabeth Bell examines an understudied puzzle within social movement theory: why so few of the many people who suffer from industry-produced environmental hazards and pollution rise up to participate in social movements aimed at bringing about social justice and industry accountability. Using the coal-mining region of Central Appalachia as a case study, Bell investigates the challenges of micromobilization through in-depth interviews, participant observation, content analysis, geospatial viewshed analysis, and an eight-month Photovoice project?an innovative means of studying, in real time, the social dynamics affecting activist involvement in the region.



Our Roots Run Deep as Ironweed

Appalachian Women and the Fight for Environmental Justice
by Shannon Elizabeth Bell (Class of 2005), 2013.

Motivated by a deeply rooted sense of place and community, Appalachian women have long fought against the damaging effects of industrialization. In this collection of interviews, sociologist Shannon Elizabeth Bell presents the voices of twelve Central Appalachian women, environmental justice activists fighting against mountaintop removal mining and its devastating effects on public health, regional ecology, and community well-being.



Articles & Book Chapters

Family Health Action (FHA) Group - One of the Community Based Health Care Elements in Afghanistan
by Said Habib Arwal (Class of 2009). Published in Health Systems and Policy Research, December 2015.

Research-Based Curriculum Design for Multicultural School Music: Reflections on a National Project in Guyana
by Rohan Sagar (Class of 2011) and David G. Hebert. Published in Action, Criticism & Theory for Music Education, August 2015.

Factors Influencing the Choice of Inorganic Contrasting to Organic Practices in Irish Potato Production and Viable Actions to Reverse the Trend: A Case Study of Kisoro District, Southwestern Uganda
by Joy Samantha Bongyereire (Class of 2009). Published in Science, Policy, and Politics in Modern Agricultural System, January 2014.


Reports & Handbooks

Procedural Manual on Traditional Conflict Management Techniques in Africa
by Jonathan Tim Nshing (Class of 2015), 2016.

Train the Trainers Manual: Conflict Resolution, Peacebuilding, and Social Bonding
by Patricia Michael (Class of 2013), 2016.

Advancing Women's Rights and Access to Justice
by Deqa Osman (Class of 2015), 2015.

Promoting Peace Awareness amongst Youths in Cameroon
by Nshing Jonathan Tim (Class of 2015), 2015.

Success Mapping: A Brief Guide
by Sabina Carlson Robillard (Class of 2013) and Louino Robillard (Class of 2013), November 2013.

Promotion of Peace in Afghanistan through a Cultural Dialogue of Hindu and Muslim Youth
by Reyhaneh Hussaini (Class of 2015), 2014

Lessons from Detroit, USA to City Soleil, Haiti: Learning & Dialogue, from Ghetto to Ghetto
by Sabina Carlson Robillard (Class of 2013) and Louino Robillard (Class of 2013), November 2013.

A Community Driven Cross-Border Peacebuilding Project
by James Latigo (Class of 2014), 2013.

Kuresoi Peace Project
by Stanley Nderitu (Class of 2013), 2012.

Promoting Non-Violence among Guyanese Youth
by Goldie Scott (Class of 2011), September 2011.

Building Relationships and Trust for Peaceful Elections in Burundi
by Rene Claude Niyonkuru (Class of 2011), 2011.

Peacebuilding and Natural Resource Management in Gorilla Parks, Kisoro District, Uganda
by Joy Bongyereire (Class of 2009), 2009.

The State of African Americans in Kanawha County, WV
by Reverend James Patterson (Class of 2005), Wendy Lewis, Edna Green, and Reverend Ronald English, 2009.