We challenge agents of social change around the world to…

Our faculty, students, and alumni are all working toward local education and empowerment so that future generations can enjoy a livable, locally-owned and collectively-grown future. When change takes root through empowerment, more people on the ground are excited to get involved, and changes are more effective and long-lasting. That’s because local leaders assume responsibility, and projects benefit from local knowledge, resources, and innovation.

The result?

More lives are saved. More futures are changed for the better.

Read about our academic programs to learn how you can implement the tools and techniques of empowerment to help improve your community and achieve its shared goals. At Future Generations, you can advance your career through professional training while—at the same time—walking with your community toward an inclusive, sustainable future.

Our Master’s Program allows you to study applied community change while maintaining full-time employment or serving with AmeriCorps, while our Certificate Programs enable you to focus your learning over a shorter period of time.