Maple Syrup: An Introduction to the Science of a Forest Treasure



Maple Syrup takes the reader through the what, where, when, and why of maple sap and its conversion to maple syrup, that all-so-appreciated product of the North American deciduous forest. The journey begins with an introduction to trees, primarily maple trees, and especially sugar maple trees: where they occur, how they function, and particularly how they produce and deliver the sap from which the syrup is made. From there, the reader travels through the actual collection and management of the sap, the conversion of the sap to syrup, and the longer-term planning for and management of expanding and future sugarbush operations. Due attention also is paid to the history of human collection of sap and its conversion into syrup and sugar, ranging from its harvest by Native Americans through to the modern, and still evolving, tastes and methods of harvest and production. Written for the broad audience, Maple Syrup will be an accessible, enlightening, and enjoyable exploration of the science and history of a treasured natural resource.

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Mike Rechlin

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