Pedagogy and Program Research

Professor Taylor teaching the benefits of the SEED-SCALE method to community workers from Arunachal at Gandhi’s ashram

At Future Generations, we are not just offering an accredited Masters degree program. We are testing and evaluating approaches to assess experiential learning in the context of the real work in communities and building peer-to-peer collaborations and support among our students and faculty. Our program assessment model, built around a set of Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs), has built in flexibility as well as accountability for students and allows us, as one of our faculty described, to "get inside the learning process." Our three-phase blended learning model allows for close contact with faculty through online learning, face-to-face engagement with peers and best practices, and a focus on application of learning in each students own community through a community lab phase.



As we are exploring new territories around competency-based education and direct assessment approaches for our students learning, we also see a value in reviewing and evaluating our experience of over a decade in offering an applied degree. Since 2003, we have been offering a masters opportunity with several unique features: our students work in and apply their learning directly in their own communities, the residential experiences offer exposure to best practices and new ideas that can be translated into diverse contexts around the world. Finally, our students become part of a global network of practitioners of applied community change. We hope that our experiences can be valuable to other institutions sharing similar missions and values, and we are working to document this experience in sharable and useful formats.


AmeriCorps volunteers will attend multi-day residential programs to visit demonstrations of best practice throughout Appalachia
Taking part in a demonstration about the peace plant (Bambui)
A student learning in one of Future Generations’ mosque-based schools
Masters students in Nepal analyzing the results of a field survey on family heath they conducted