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Faculty Scholarship



Maple SyrupMaple Syrup: An Introduction to the Science of a Forest Treasure by Mike Rechlin, 2015.


Empowerment on an Unstable PlanetEmpowerment on an Unstable Planet: From Seeds of Human Energy to a Scale of Global Change by Daniel C. Taylor, Carl E. Taylor, and Jesse O. Taylor, November 2011.


    Across the Tibetan PlateauAcross the Tibetan Plateau by Robert L. Fleming Jr., Dorje Tsering, and Liu Wulin, October 2007.
Just and Lasting ChangeJust and Lasting Change: When Communities own their Futures by Daniel C. Taylor and Carl E. Taylor, April 2003.
Cambio Justo y Duradero: Cuando las Communidades Se Apropian de su Destino by Daniel C. Taylor y Carl E. Taylor. Translated by Laura C. Altobelli, April 2002.
      Something Hidden Behind the Ranges Something Hidden Behind the Ranges: A Himalayan Quest by Daniel Taylor-Ide, 1995.


Articles & Book Chapters


Effectiveness in Primary Healthcare in Peru by Laura Altobelli. Chapter in Improving Aid Effectiveness of Global Health, 2015.


Local Health Administration Committees (CLAS): Opportunity and Empowerment for Equity in Health in Peru by Laura C. Altobelli and Carlos Acosta-Saal. Chapter in Social Determinants Approaches to Public Health: From Concept to Practice, 2011.


Mobilizing Human Energy by Jason Calder. Published in The Worldwatch Institute's State of the World, 2008.


Passion for Pine: Forest Conservation Practices of the Apatani People of Arunachal Pradesh by Michael A Rechlin. Published in Himalaya, the Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, 2006.


Reports & Handbooks

Training Community Leaders for MNCH in Peru by Laura Altobelli, June 2015.


Health in the Hands of Women: A Test of Teaching Methods  by Laura Altobelli, December 2014.


Pendeba Training Manual by Nawang Gurung, June 2009.


Community-based Conservation: Is it More Effective, Efficient, and Sustainable? by Michael A. Rechlin, Daniel Taylor, Jim Lichatowich, Parakh Hoon, Shiva Shankar Pandey, Bhishma Subedi, and Jesse Taylor, March 2008.


Cost Efficiency of CLAS Associations for Primary Health Care in Peru by Laura C. Altobelli and Anna Sovero U., May 2006.


Redefining Community Futures by Daniel Taylor, January 2002.


Shared Administration Program and Local Health Administration Associations (CLAS) in Peru by Laura C. Altobelli and Jorge Pancorvo, May 2000.


Health Reform, Community Participation, and Social Inclusion: The Shared Administration Program by Laura C. Altobelli, August 1998.


Comparative Analysis of Primary Healthcare Facilities with Participation of Civil Society in Venezuela and Peru, by Laura C. Altobelli, March 1998.


Partnerships for Social Development: A Casebook by editors Carl E. Taylor, Aditi Desai, Karl-Eric Knuttson, Pauline O'Dea-Knuttson, and Daniel Taylor-Ide, January 1995.


Community-based Sustainable Human Development: A Proposal for Going to Scale with Self-Reliant Social Development, by Daniel Taylor-Ide and Carl E. Taylor, February 1994.


A Summary of Biodiversity: The Great River Ecosystems of Asia Trust Region, by Robert L. Fleming, Jr.



Occasional Paper Series


Canoeing Down the Zambezi by Robert L. Fleming Jr., May 2011.


Community Led Rural Road Construction in Nepal by Nawang Sing Gurung, October 2010.


Peru's Inter-Oceanic Highway by Robert L. Fleming Jr., February 2010.


Bishnoi and Antelope in India by Robert L. Fleming Jr., February 2010.


Toward a Better Future in Afghanistan: An Investigation into the Central Council of Shahidan in Bamyan Province by Kazim Yazdani, May 2008.


Searchers who are Improving Health in the Midst of Poverty by Henry Perry, August 2006.


An Urban Park: Lodi Gardens in New Delhi, India by Robert L. Fleming Jr., July 2006.


Butterflies and Natural History of the Siang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, India by Robert L. Fleming Jr., July 2006.


A Note on the Rhesus Macaque Monkeys in Tibet, China by Robert L. Fleming Jr., May 2006.


Natural History Notes on the Po Tsangpo and Rong Chu Confluence, Linzhi Prefecture, Se Tibet by Robert L. Fleming Jr., May 2006.


Notes on Some Ecological Aspects of Gongga Shan Hailouguo Geopark, Sichuan, China by Robert L. Fleming Jr., April 2006.


A Note on the Altai Mountains and the Kazakh Eagle Hunters by Robert L. Fleming Jr., June 2005.


Notes on Demoiselle Cranes (Anthropoides Virgo) in Asia by Robert L. Fleming Jr., February 2005.