Robert Fleming

Professor Equity & Empowerment (Natural History)

  • Ph.D. Michigan State University
  • M.S. Michigan State University
  • B.A. Albion College

Since growing up in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, Robert Fleming (Bob) has been interested in the beauty of nature. Later, this evolved into fascination with the natural history and cultural diversity of our planet. With a Ph.D. in zoology, and with the advent of commercial jet travel, Bob has been able to explore many of the planet's special biological regions ranging from the Namib Desert in Africa to the Tropical Rainforest of the Amazon, and the Mountain Tundra biome of the Himalayas. He has worked for the Smithsonian's Office of Ecology and the Royal Nepal Academy. Along with his father and Royal Nepal Academy Director-Lain Singh Bangdel, he wrote and illustrated "Birds of Nepal," the first modern field guide to the birds of the region. In addition to his work with Future Generations, Bob is the director of Nature Himalayas, a sole proprietorship that he began in 1970. Through this company, Bob has led some 250 outings. He currently lives in the temperate rainforest of western Oregon in the USA's Pacific Northwest.