How did Gandhi free one-fifth of humankind? His freedom was not just political. Neither was it adhering to the oft-quoted: “Become the change you wish to see.” The Mahatma never said that. Take this course to soak in ideas and tactics Gandhi used to open knowledge of holistic freedom and democratic power. Walk his path. Experience the lifestyle he practiced. Learn at his learning center, the Sevagram Ashram in India.
Interested in the sustainable use of one of our "untapped" forest resources? Interested in income generation and entrepreneurship? This certificate course in Maple Sap Collection and Syrup Processing will lead you along your way to joining the growing sap and syrup industry in West Virginia. The West Virginia Department of Agriculture, the WV Veterans and Warriors to Agriculture Program, and Future Generations (a WV educational institution) are partnering to offer a program to help people get into the maple business. Although designed with the special needs of WV veterans in mind, this program is open to all interested in maple.
Skills and tools are available to create successful change with your fellow community members by using the most abundant resource already available: your energies, combined with those of your friends and colleagues.

Connect to ideas and techniques to help you improve your community using resources you have to goals your community wants to achieve. Learn how to become the future you would like to live. Join a world-circling change-making community that will support your work.

We offer short-term certificates. We also offer an accredited Master's degree in Applied Community Change. This website offers a range of opportunities for you to gain skills and experience and also build networks to help you lead change in your community and by your community.