Instructional Faculty


Instructor & Linguistics Curriculum Coordinator


  • M.A University of Colorado
  • B.A Colorado State University
Liz Holdeman has had a long career in education teaching English to people of all ages and levels of education. In the United States, she has taught English and Art to children from preschool through high school. She has prepared students from around the world for university and graduate work in American and English-speaking universities. She has supervised teacher candidates as they experience student teaching practice (in the U.S. and in Vietnam) and has lived in Turkey, Greece, China and Vietnam. Currently, in addition to Future Generations, she teaches English and Literacy to refugee and immigrant adults in the Denver area.
Liz is a native of Denver, Colorado and the mother of two children from Vietnam. She teaches English as a global language that enables people to communicate with one another in order to know and understand each other deeply, pursue and fulfill dreams, and contribute to a more sustainable, peaceful and just world community.