How do I apply?


Applications are now being accepted for the next MA in Applied Community Change with a concentration in Conservation, which will begin September 2015.

  1. Start by filling out the Admissions Contact Form (this is the start of your online application.)
  2. Download and review the complete application guidelines.
  3. Submit your application either through our Online Application Form or by Downloading the application as a pdf and mailing it.
  4. Ensure your application includes all supporting documentation, which includes: 
    • Educational background and transcripts
    • Record of employment
    • Record of community involvement
    • Personal statement of community
    • Three letters of reference and contact information
    • Language strengths and English proficiency


  1. Submit a completed application. The Admission's committee will determine if you  meet the criteria for admission. If you meet the admission's criteria, you have passed phase one of the process. Future Generations then informs you if any further information is needed. At this point, we are also likely to interview you over the telephone or in person.
  2. Prove Evidence of Community: You must be endorsed by a community to participate in this academic program. In all instances, applicants must have an active base within a community. If community involvement and support are evident, you have passed phase two of the application. We generally interview one or more members of the community where you intend to apply your learning and research.
  3. Finalize Financial Plan and Scholarship Details: Phase three is the Scholarship Committee's decision based on its review of your financial disclosure. If financial assistance is needed and requested, Future Generations will work closely with you and your community to ensure that your merit and need match available resources for this program of applied graduate studies.
  4. A Signed Agreement: Finally, phase four includes a signed agreement between you and Future Generations to the terms for delivering and covering the costs of this applied graduate education.
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